Plant Protection Product Register

 Plant Protection Product Register 

The Plant Protection Product Register contains key information about plant protection products authorised in Finland. In addition to the authorised use, the register contains usage restrictions for each product. The label texts including the classification of the product and  instructions for use can also be found in the register. 


How to perform searches


To perform a search for a list of all the products in the register in alphabetical order, click on 'Suorita haku' ('Search').

To search for a specific product, go to 'Tarkennettu haku' ('Advanced search') and enter the product's name in the 'Valmisteen nimi' ('Product name') field. Then click on 'Suorita haku' ('Search'). Make sure you enter the product name in full. Alternatively, you can use the truncation feature and cut a word off at the end by using the asterisk * (for example, Targa Super 5 SC -> Targa* or Ratio 50 ST -> Ratio*). 

For a list of products with a valid authorisation for minor use (earlier off-label uses), enter Minor use as the search word. 


You can use search terms including the following to search for products in the register:


  • active substance;
  • product registration number;
  • product group (herbicide, fungicide, etc.);
  • environmental restrictions
    • groundwater restriction (yes/no);
    • surface water restriction (yes/no);
    • bioaccumulative product (yes/no).



You can also search the register for products removed from the register. You cannot, however, access more detailed information about these products.


When searching for products you should remember that there are also combination packs of two authorised products on the market. These include Ratio Combo (Ratio 50 T + Eagle WG) and Attribut Super (Attribut 70 SG + Sekator OD). The names of combination packs are not included in the Plant Protection Product Register. Instead, the products they contain can be found in the register under their respective names.