Lifts and lift installations


In Finland, there are more than 50,000 lifts in use. The safety surveillance of lifts aims at guaranteeing that the lifts operate safely and are built and serviced as prescribed by law.


Tukes supervises the safety of lifts that comply with the EU Lifts Directive. A lift in compliance with the Directive is permanently installed in a building, has a lift car, and serves specific floor levels. Tukes also supervises the safety certain equipment that is within the scope of the EU Machinery Directive, such as lifts for the disabled, escalators, moving walkways and power-operated (industrial) lifting doors. Other hoisting equipment within the scope of the Machinery Directive, e.g. vehicle chassis equipment intended for lifting persons, does not fall within the sphere of Tukes' field of operations.


Most lifts on the market in Finland are imported as an assembly delivered by the lift manufacturer, including all the necessary components required for the building of the lift. New lifts are seldom built in a way that a Finnish-based lift contractor would choose all the required components, whereas lift renovations (modernizations) often see such procedures.


Tukes supervises lift contractors, lift servicing businesses and the Authorised Bodies that attend to lift inspections. The market surveillance of lifts is carried out in co-operation with other actors within the EU area. We also issue lift safety instructions, participate in the development of legislation, and arrange lift safety exams.


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