The purpose of use of a property determines the type of fireplace installed. The types of fireplace available include those that contribute to the building's primary heating system and those that are used to heat the building fully or in part. There are also fireplaces that are purely intended to create a cosy atmosphere.

A fireplace must always be connected to the correct type of flue to make sure the fireplace and flue create a whole that is fire-safe and functional. Manufactured (prefabricated) fireplaces and masonry fireplaces built on-site must be connected to either a masonry or prefabricated flue, with light metal chimney flues the most commonly used type in Finland. The suitability of flues and fireplaces for each specific construction site is always decided by the local authorities that supervise fire safety and construction. To guarantee safety and functionality, it is also important to make sure the fireplace and flue are appropriately swept.

When using a fireplace, you must always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the type and amount of fuel used. If you burn unsuitable material (such as various types of waste and rubbish) or use too much fuel, the temperature of flue gases in the fireplace will get too high and damage both the fireplace and the flue. This in turn will cause a risk of a fire.