Millions of fireworks are set off in Finland during New Year's celebrations. Only fireworks that have been approved by Tukes for general trading and that carry the CE marking may be sold and used in Finland.

Fireworks are explosives and must be handled with appropriate care. Each approved product offered for sale must carry the required markings in Finnish and Swedish.


Make sure you store fireworks in a locked space out of the reach of under-18-year-olds. It is not permitted to store fireworks in communal basement or attic premises or in a vehicle.

Remember the following about fireworks:

  • It is prohibited to sell or disclose fireworks to persons under the age of 18.
  • The use of fireworks is only permitted between 18.00 on 31 December until 2.00 am on 1 January.
  • The use of Category 1 products is permitted at other times too (CE, Cat 1).
  • You must wear safety goggles if setting off Category 2 and 3 fireworks.
  • Make sure you follow the user instructions.
  • Use safety holders and supports as well as an extended lighting device.
  • Keep away from the product's flight path when lighting the fireworks.