The KemiDigi project brings chemical data together in one service

KemiDigi is the Government’s key project and its aim is to create a streamlined electronic service for companies managing their reporting obligations related to chemicals.

The core of KemiDigi comprises

  • a chemical register of the dangerous chemicals on the market
  • a substance register of substances and the groups comprising the substances.

The service permits companies preparing a list of chemicals to use this data.

In the future, companies will manage their reporting obligations via KemiDigi, making the related information available to all who need the information from a single location.

Companies will benefit by saving time, and they can manage their own information in the service. Government agencies will also benefit, since the available chemical data will be up to date because of KemiDigi. In addition, public authorities will be able to target their supervision efforts more effectively on the basis of risk.

Currently, information has to be provided to several authorities in separate reports. The aim is to achieve a range of benefits for the private sector, public authorities and society as a whole.

In cooperation with businesses and authorities

KemiDigi has been prepared in cooperation with the authorities and representatives of business life with the aim of building a common ground and surveying the needs for the service. In 2018, the basic operations of the service will be implemented. The service will be piloted with future users in two phases, in the summer and autumn of 2018.

The service is scheduled to be running at the beginning of 2019 in terms of the finalised operations, but development work will continue in 2019.  

Current issues

Introduction of KemiDigi

KemiDigi will be introduced in two parts in early 2019. The submission of chemical notifications will begin in February and the list of chemicals will become functional in April 2019.

The collection of quantity information from chemical notifications for 2018 will not, on this occasion, be carried out at the beginning of March, but through KemiDigi at a time to be announced later.

Due to the introduction of KemiDigi, the current e-mail submission of chemical notifications to the Chemical Product Register has ended. Notifications can be submitted to KemiDigi starting February 2019. Chemical notifications submitted by the end of November will be transferred from the old system to KemiDigi and all valid notifications will be available to companies.

The list of chemicals held by Tukes for supervision in accordance with the Act on the Safe Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals and Explosives will mainly be moved to KemiDigi in the early part of the year. In this way, they will form a basis for the chemicals list in KemiDigi ,when economic operators log into KemiDigi for the first time. The exception is the list of chemicals that do not yet have classifications under the CLP regulation.

Guidelines on KemiDigi and its use will be provided in a range of formats prior to the introduction of the application. Written guidelines, video clips and live events are forthcoming.

KemiDigi training seminar

The first training session aimed at companies that submit chemical notifications shall be held on Tuesday 29 January 2019 from 9 am to 12 noon in the great auditorium at Pasila office centre. The event is intended for companies that place chemicals on the market (e.g. importers and manufacturers) and are obliged to notify information on chemicals to Tukes in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on Submitting Information Concerning Chemicals (553/2008). The training is held in Finnish. 100 participants are accepted for the training in order of registration. If needed, more training seminars can be organised.

A separate training session on lists of chemicals will be organised closer to the introduction of the list operations in April 2019.

Enrolment via this link.

KemiDigi – REST interface

The JSON scheme of the KemiDigi REST interface is now available. The current scheme is not the finished version and changes may be implemented. You can request access to the scheme by email:

Companies can start the use of KemiDigi by implementing identification and authorisation. user instructions (in Finnish)

Further information:

kemidigi (at)

Minna Valtavaara, firstname.lastname (at), 029 5052 150, and twitter @valtaminna.