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Charges brought against a Tukes civil servant

Publication date 29.3.2023 10.27 | Published in English on 4.4.2023 at 9.34
Press release

According to the knowledge of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), the prosecutor has brought charges against a Tukes civil servant for aggravated abuse of public office.

According to the prosecutor, the case is related to the statements issued by Tukes on Dragon Mining Oy’s mine in Orivesi. Tukes issued the statements from the perspective of mining safety, which were based on information provided by the mining company for Tukes.

The civil servant has denied their guilt. Tukes deems that the civil servant can continue to work with certain limitations.

“These are serious charges. As a result, Tukes has rearranged certain tasks and will limit the civil servant’s rights in mining-related matters throughout the processing of the case,” says Kimmo Peltonen, Director General of Tukes.

Tukes will monitor the processing of the case and, if the conditions change, reassess the situation.

During the investigation of the case and the indictment proceedings, the civil servant did not carry out any activities concerning Dragon Mining Oy. The investigation of the case was initiated in November 2020, and the case was entered in indictment proceedings in July 2021.

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