Authorisation conditions for biocidal antifouling products used on boats

In Finland, national conditions have been set for approving biocidal antifouling products. The conditions apply to products intended for boats of 24 metres or less in length. The terms apply to all authorisation decisions and changes in authorisation issued after 1 March 2024 regarding antifouling products, i.e. product-type 21.

Terms of approval:
1. The average copper release rate of antifouling products cannot exceed 2 µg/cm2/d (during the paint’s service life).

2. The instructions for use must indicate the product’s service life in boating seasons (boating season = six months).

3. Products can only be used to paint the hulls of boats of more than 7 metres in length.

4. Products are not accepted for use in inland waters. The use of products is only allowed in marine areas.

5. Consumers cannot paint the hulls of boats by spraying. 

6. Chemical-resistant protective gloves must be provided for consumers in the product’s sales packaging. 

7. The following national risk management measures must be added to the instructions for use and packaging labelling of antifouling products to protect the environment and human health: 

7.1. “The product can only be used to paint the hulls of boats of more than 7 metres in length.”
7.2. “The use of the product in inland waters is prohibited.”
7.3. “Washing the boat hull in a boat washer in the sea is prohibited.”
7.4. “Untreated washing waters of boat hulls cannot be released into the environment.”
7.5. “Not to be sprayed by consumers.”
7.6. “The use of protective gloves is required.”