Authorised products

In Finland, only plant protection products approved by Tukes can be used. 

Information on the products authorised by Tukes and the conditions, restrictions and instructions on their use is available from Tukes’s Plant Protection Product Register.

The following tables can be found on the Tukes website, but the tables will no longer be updated after the deployment of the new plant protection product register. See the corresponding data in the plant protection product register.

  1. Derogations 
  2. New products authorised during the year (including parallel products) 
  3. Changes in uses 
  4. Products to be withdrawn from the register shortly 
  5. Product name changes

Tukes does not publish an annual list of plant protection products. 

Withdrawn and soon-to-be-withdrawn products are listed in the Plant Protection Product Register. Tukes does not keep a dedicated list of withdrawn products. A list of products withdrawn in the period 31 December 1998 - 31 December 2019 is still available on the website.

How can I find out if there have been any recent changes in the uses and restrictions of use approved for a product?

Tukes approves new uses for registered products on application if the criteria for approval are met. Tukes withdraws authorised uses either on the authorisation holder's request or because the requirements concerning the safe use of the product for the use in question are not met. 

Product-specific restrictions on use are listed in the Plant Protection Product Register and the label text in the Register. You can search for changes concerning authorisations in the plant protection product register by using the search “data updated”.

Where can I find information on products that have been or will shortly be withdrawn from the register?

You can search for the information about products that have been or will be withdrawn from the register within the next few years in the Plant Protection Product Register.