How to apply for a locality mark

Municipalities can apply for a right to use a locality mark or marks by submitting a free-form application to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). Individuals or companies cannot apply for a locality mark. The municipality decides on which companies can use the mark.

When you apply for a locality mark, consider the following:

  • The application is submitted by the municipality.
  • The locality mark is shaped like a coat of arms.
  • The mark cannot feature any small details, as it is used in precious metal products.
  • It is important that the locality mark can be identified in precious metal products. In other words, it must be readable in an earring stick, for example, using a loupe.

The application must include at least the following information:

  • the name and address of the municipality,
  • business ID,
  • contact person, and
  • date and signature.

The following must be attached:

  • Trade Register extract (or similar document that indicates the signatory’s right to act in the municipality’s name), and
  • a drawing of the locality mark applied for.

Once Tukes has approved the drawing of the locality mark, we will request you to send the mark punched in a stamp. We will send more detailed instructions on how to do this to municipalities.

How to apply for a locality mark

A municipality submits a free-form application to Tukes

Tukes processes the application and contacts the municipality

The municipality sends the locality mark punched in a stamp to Tukes

Tukes adds the locality mark to the responsibility mark register

The municipality decides on which companies can use the mark