How to use the Safety Gate system for dangerous products

The European Commission publishes a weekly overview of the alerts on the latest dangerous products discovered in Europe on its website. You can subscribe to the weekly overview by e-mail. You can also customise the weekly e-mail overview to focus only on a certain product category, certain risks, or notifications submitted by certain countries.

When you follow the notifications, you can, for example, find out the risks related to various product categories and avoid purchasing dangerous products, whose removal from the market may result in great costs.

What is the Safety Gate system?

The Safety Gate system (previously Rapid Alert System, RAPEX) on dangerous products is an information exchange system by the European Community, and it is used by the Commission and the Member States to exchange information about dangerous products and the related measures.

The supervisory authorities of the Member States have a statutory obligation to report the dangerous products found on the market to the system and state which measures have been taken to remove the danger. In Finland, Tukes acts as the national point of contact for the system. 

Which products are reported to the system?

The system applies to the following products:

  • consumer goods intended for consumer use, such as toys, electrical equipment, motor vehicles and cosmetic products
  • products intended for professional use and products posing an environmental risk.

The following products remain outside the system; they have their own reporting systems:

  • medicines
  • medical devices and equipment
  • foodstuffs.

 What if a dangerous product is found in Finland?

If reported products that have been found dangerous are discovered on the Finnish market, the competent authority takes the necessary measures concerning them.

If a company has placed products mentioned in the report or other products posing similar risks on the Finnish market, or if it has sold or otherwise distributed such products as business gifts, free samples or prizes, for example, the company must take measures to remove the danger on its own initiative and notify the supervisory authority about the situation.