Plant Protection Products Register

The Plant Protection Products Register contains key information on products that have been approved for plant protection purposes in Finland. The register also provides the label texts of the products, including their instructions for use. The use of any other products than those entered into the Plant Protection Products Register is prohibited.

Updates to the data in the Plant Protection Products Register were suspended between 15 October 2020 and 16 December 2020 due to the renewal of the register. Information on changes to authorisations made during the break can be found on the website of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

The new register was opened in the KemiDigi service on 17 December 2020. The old register can no longer be accessed after 17 December 2020. Existing emergency authorisations can also be found in the new register, but emergency authorisations that have expired before 17 December 2020 can be found in a separate table on the Tukes website.

Click here for access to the Plant Protection Products Register.

More search features will be introduced in the new Plant Protection Products Register in early 2021. More information

Register search instructions

Product name:

Type all or part of the name of the product. It is not necessary to put an asterisk (*) at the end of the name if searching for a part name. If the name of the product has changed and the user is searching for the product under the old name, the new name of the product will be displayed as the search result. The name of the product in the register may change, but the four-digit registration number of the product always remains the same.

Search by product status:

If the user performs a search without a separate filter, the search will display all plant protection products found in KemiDigi, including products that have been withdrawn and products that are in the process of being withdrawn. More detailed search by status of the product:

Approved: lists the products authorised for use in Finland as a plant protection product at a particular time. Products that are being withdrawn will also be included if a transitional period for use of the product is still in progress.

Being withdrawn: lists products for which a decision has been taken to withdraw the product, and a transitional period has been granted for the end of its sale and use. These products may be used as plant protection products until the transitional period of use has expired. 

Withdrawn: lists the products removed from the list of authorised products. After the expiry date or of the authorisation or the final date of use, it is no longer legal to use these products as plant protection products in Finland. 
Not all products being removed from the register are subject to a separate removal decision – at the end of the period of validity of the authorisation, the status of the product changes directly from ‘approved’ to ‘withdrawn’ when the expiry date of the authorisation has been reached.