Weighing in industry

The requirements of the Measuring Instruments Act apply to the scales used to weigh the quantity of product to be invoiced or to weigh or check the quantity contained in the product packages. This means that the requirements do not apply to all scales used in industrial production.  Verified scales compliant with the Measuring Instruments Act must be used to ensure the quantity of product or the quantity contained in the package.

Automatic scales must fulfil the requirements of the Decree 1432/2016 while non-automatic scales must comply with the Decree on Non-Automatic Scales 1431/2016 (see: identifying the conformity of scales).

Automatic line scales used to check the quantity contained in the package must be verified every two (2) years. In-service verification must be performed on other scales during operation every three (3) years.

The weight of the package must not be included in the quantity contained in the package. When a product is packaged, the weight of the package must be either deducted from the overall weighing result, or the tare must be set on the scales (see packaged products).

Vehicle scales

The user of vehicle scales must have a display that complies with the requirements. In unmanned scales, the user is the driver of the vehicle. In that case, the driver must see the display of the scales.

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