Natural gas pipework and filling stations

Excluding the smallest sites, construction of natural gas pipeline and natural gas and biogas filling stations requires a construction licence issued by Tukes.

Natural gas pipework

Natural gas pipework consists of

  • an entity formed by transmission, distribution and installation pipelines and
  • storage and equipment that is related to the entity and contains natural gas.

Natural gas transmission pipeline refers to pipeline that is used to transmit natural gas for use with high pressure. Transmission pipework includes pressure regulating stations and isolation, launching and receiving stations.

Natural gas distribution pipework refers to pipework that is used to distribute natural gas for local use with reduced pressure.

Natural gas installation pipework refers to the pipework of the user that is used to transmit natural gas to an operating device.

A separate large site refers to single user installation pipework with equipment, that has been connected to transmission or distribution pipework and has a total nominal fuel power of 6MW or more.

Natural gas and biogas filling stations

The Finnish Gas Association has published planning instructions for natural gas and biogas filling stations.  The instructions include:

  • basic instructions for siting filling stations
  • technical requirements
  • markings
  • inspections
  • matters related to use and maintenance.

The instructions are applied to planning and construction of filling stations for vehicles that use natural gas or biogas. The planning instructions apply to filling stations intended for commercial use.