Application to become an inspector of application equipment

Requirements for applying to become an application equipment inspector

You can submit an application to become an application equipment inspector if

  • you have suitable basic training on, e.g., the technical or agricultural sector
  • you are familiar with the technology used in application equipment and you have been involved in inspections of at least 20 pieces of application equipment with an authorised application equipment inspector
  • you have the necessary equipment required for inspection of application equipment at your disposal.

Applying for and renewing the inspector authorisation

Apply for an authorisation by filling out the form in the electronic transaction service. The authorisation is valid for five years.

The authorisation to act as an application equipment inspector is granted against a fee. Tukes price list.

Training for application equipment inspectors

Tukes organises basic and further training in Finnish for application equipment inspectors. 

You can complete the basic training for application equipment inspectors trough an online training program at the time of your choice. Training includes theory and practical tasks on a virtual platform. All sections must be completed in order to complete the training. In addition, the student's knowledge is tested with short surveys. You should set aside about a day to complete the training. You can get more detailed instructions by signing up for the training.

Additional information can be requested from Kukka Kutilainen +358 295 052 259, kukka.kutilainen(at)

Instructions for inspecting application equipment

Inspectors are subject to official liability. Inspectors may not test their own, family members' or employer's application equipment.

Inspect the application equipment in accordance with the instructions provided below. You will find the requirements for inspection equipment and the instructions for testing different types of application equipment behind the links below.

Inspection instructions for horizontal boom sprayers

Inspection instructions for sprayers for bush and tree crops

Inspection instructions for mounted and partly mobile application equipment