Refrigeration equipment companies and refrigeration contracting

Starting business operations in the field of refrigeration

If your company is going to perform refrigeration work, you must apply to Tukes for approval, a refrigeration equipment company certificate, before you start. Tukes may grant the certificate if your company has employed an appointed responsible person and at least one fitter who have adequate certificates of qualification and the required tools.

Typical refrigeration work includes, for example, installation and servicing of air source heat pumps and water-to-air heat pumps as well as servicing vehicle air-conditioning equipment.

The appointed responsible person is responsible for ensuring that the operations comply with the environmental protection requirements and that the fitters meet the qualification requirements. If the appointed responsible person works as a fitter, he or she must also meet the qualification requirements for fitters.

Applying for a refrigeration equipment company certificate

Before submitting the notification of operation, make sure that all requirements for the operation, i.e. the appointed responsible person, fitter, certificates of qualification and tools, are met. Also, make sure that the applications of the appointed responsible person and personnel are attached to the notification of operation, where appropriate. Tukes will charge the full fee also if the application is refused.

However, the appointed responsible person's qualification or refrigeration equipment company certificate are not required in the following cases, the fitter's certificate of qualification is sufficient:

  • installation and servicing of refrigerated units of refrigerated trucks and trailers
  • installation and servicing of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment of ships and vessels
  • installation and servicing of electrical switchgear
  • recovering solvents.

The processing time for the certificates of qualification and notifications of operation is about 30 days.

You can check the Tukes register for the persons and companies authorised to do refrigeration work.

Changes in the operations of the refrigeration equipment company: change of the appointed responsible person or termination of business

In case of essential changes in the business operations, such as a merger or change of corporate form, Business ID or appointed responsible person, notify Tukes of the change no later than 3 months after the change took place by submitting a notification of operation to Tukes. (Forms, refrigeration page at Termination of business must also be reported to Tukes.

Resignation of the appointed responsible person

The appointed responsible person must notify Tukes of his/her resignation. You can use the form or send a free-form e-mail to kirjaamo (at)

Applying for a refrigeration equipment company certificate

Ensure that the conditions for operation are in order
Apply to Tukes for qualification in refrigeration. Obtain the required equipment and tools.

The operator must be a company
If you do not have a Business ID, submit an appropriate application to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

Application to Tukes before starting the operations

Approval and registration
The company may start its operations once Tukes has registered the company in the operator register as a refrigeration equipment company.

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