Renewal and amendments of an authorisation

The authorisation for a plant protection product is granted for a defined number of years The validity of the authorisation for a product depends on when the active substance was approved within the EU. If you want to renew the authorisation, you must apply for renewal of the authorisation in accordance with the provisions of Article 43 of the EU Regulation on Plant Protection Products, and follow the guidelines for the EU level and the Northern Zone.

Applying for amendment or renewal of an authorisation

Type of authorisation
Check which of the following authorisations you need: renewal of an authorisation, extension of use and extension of product authorisation for minor use, other amendment

Requirements and guidelines for authorisation
Get acquainted with the requirements and guidelines for authorisation.

Submit your application to Tukes
Fill in the application in accordance with the type of authorisation you need and submit the application with relevant appendices to Tukes.

Tukes examines the application. The processing time depends on the type of authorisation you are applying for.

Tukes grants the authorisation
Tukes grants the authorisation if the requirements set for the application are met.