CE marked construction products 

The CE marking is obligatory for most construction products sold in the European single market. 

With the CE marking of construction products, the manufacturer declares the product properties in a harmonised European manner. The CE marking of construction products is a means of demonstrating the product properties in a manner which ensures that the product can be sold in all EEA countries.

The CE marking can only be used if a harmonised product standard (harmonised European standard or hEN) has been published for the product or a European Technical Assessment has been granted for the product.

By affixing CE marking to a product, the manufacturer declares that the declared product properties are correct, and the product complies with the Union harmonisation legislation.

Mandatory CE marking

Construction products included in the scope of application of the harmonised European standards must be CE marked in compliance with the Construction Products Regulation.

A hEN is a standard pertaining to a specific product group developed by a European standards organisation for which reference has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. It determines the properties required from the products included in the product group, factory production control requirements and information to be declared in the CE marking.

Voluntary CE marking

CE marking based on the European Technical Assessment (ETA) is voluntary. ETA applies to a single manufacturer and is granted based on the manufacturer’s application. Once a manufacturer has applied for and received an ETA for a product, they are obligated to CE mark the product.

An ETA may also be granted for construction products for which there is no hEN. Bodies performing ETAs are included in the NANDO database.

Declaration of performance

A declaration of performance (DoP) is a legal document that is mandatory for all CE-marked construction products. The declaration of performance must be submitted to the end user with the product or in electronic format.

The declaration of performance describes the values and classes of the product’s essential characteristics based on the applicable hEN or technical assessment. The declaration of performance must include at least the following:

  • DoP number
  • Unique identification code of the product type
  • Intended use of the product
  • Manufacturer and authorised representative (if any)
  • System of assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP)
  • Harmonised European standard or the reference number and date of the European Technical Assessment document
  • Identification number of the notified body
  • Values and classes of essential characteristics
  • Website of an electronic declaration of performance

The manufacturer must prepare the declaration of performance and is responsible for the validity of the information.

System of assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP)

The performance of the essential characteristics of a construction product is assessed and verified in accordance with the AVCP for the product in question. The required AVCP is specified in one of the following: the harmonised European standard applied to the product, the European Assessment Document or a separate Commission delegated decision. 

AVCP determines whether the product has to be tested and/or whether the production quality control must be verified by a notified  body, or whether the manufacturer may realise these actions in compliance with the hEN. The AVCP consists of five levels, 1+, 1, 2+, 3 and 4, of which 1+ is the strictest and 4 is the lightest. 

The AVCP consists of five levels, 1+, 1, 2+, 3 and 4, of which 1+ is the strictest and 4 is the lightest.

Source: European Commission- CE marking of construction products step by step

Benefits of CE marking

The CE marking enables free movement of construction products within the European single market. 

A construction product’s declaration of performance (DoP) and the CE marking on the product indicate that the manufacturer has complied with a standardised technical specification when producing the product and declared the product’s essential characteristics in a standardised manner. The declaration of performance makes it easier to compare the essential characteristics of products.

Aspects to be considered in connection with the CE marking

A CE mark is not an indication that the product automatically meets the national regulations applicable to the construction works.

The suitability of a construction product for a particular purpose must always be assessed on the basis of the construction works and the applicable building regulations. The performance levels or classes indicated in the declaration of performance must be compared with the national requirements. 

The essential technical requirements are presented in the Land Use and Building Act and the decrees based on the Act. A CE marked construction product is suitable for use in construction works if it complies with the national requirements and is fit for use when considering the design solutions used at the site.

Not all construction products can be CE marked marking, nor is the CE marking allowed for all products. Such product groups include ones with no harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment. A construction product may also be CE marked based on other directives or regulations, such as the Ecodesign Regulation, the Machinery Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive and electrical safety regulations. These CE markings do not cover the product’s characteristics as a construction product.

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