Other marks

Articles of precious metals may also bear other marks provided that they are not confusingly similar to the mandatory or discretionary marks. They must not give the consumer a false impression of the articles. Articles of precious metals may also bear marks used by other states, if they are not misleading to consumers.

Foreign responsibility marks

Articles bearing a responsibility mark registered in another country can be imported to Finland. However, their responsibility marks must not mislead Finnish consumers, and you may be required to remove the original responsibility mark from an article if the mark is already in use in Finland, for example. Before an article is placed on the market it must have the mandatory marks required in Finland – the fineness mark and a responsibility mark/hallmark registered with Tukes. You may request that an article of precious metal be marked with a hallmark in the country of manufacture in which case a responsibility mark approved by Tukes is not required if the original responsibility mark is not misleading. CMM marked articles may also be directly sold in Finland.

Use of marks in other articles

Articles made of materials other than precious metals may not bear marks that are used on articles of precious metals, not even marks that are confusingly similar to such marks. There is one exception to this rule – the responsibility mark used on articles of precious metals. A responsibility mark may also be applied to articles such as bronze jewellery, pewterware and plastic bags. However, a responsibility mark cannot be applied on articles that might suggest that they are articles of precious metals, based on their colour, for example.

To be noted

Currently, there is no inspection body for articles of precious metals in Finland. This means that no inspection or CCM mark can be obtained for articles of precious metals in Finland.

Eurofins Labtium Oy, the previous inspection body, discontinued the hallmarking of articles of precious metals at the end of January 2021.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has prepared a report on the subject.