Transport of dangerous goods

Transports subject to the regulations on transport of dangerous goods include:

  • transports of various raw materials and products used at production plants and storage facilities for chemicals
  • transports of many ordinary consumer products, such as aerosols and paints
  • transports of chemicals used in agriculture and forestry, such as fertilizers and plant protection products
  • transports of dangerous wastes
  • transports of fuel oils
  • transports of gases.

Most of the transported products are fuel oils and traffic fuels, explosives accounting for approx. 2% of the total volume of transports.

The purpose of legislation on transport of dangerous goods is to prevent and control the damage and dangers that transport of dangerous goods may pose to people, property or the environment.

The tanks and packaging for dangerous goods must fulfil the technical requirements of the legislation and regulations on transport of dangerous goods applicable to individual chemicals to ensure that their contents do not pose a danger to people or the environment, even in case of accident. Tukes supervises the compliance of packaging and tanks used for transportation with these requirements.

The legislation and regulations on transport of dangerous goods can be found on the web pages on the transport of dangerous goods on the Traficom website.