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The downloadable files on this page (6 zip-files that contain SHPs, TABs and MIFs) contain the basic data and location in the general coordinate system of

the valid, new and probationary areas of claims and concessions;
the permit applications for ore prospecting, gold panning, reservations and mining filed according to the provisions laid down in the New Mining Act of Finland.


For downloading you need GIS-software. For example Qgis, OpenJump, MapInfo or ArcView software.

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Kullanhuuhdonta (zip, 253.8 Kt)
Mining concession (zip, 365.2 Kt)
Mining permits (zip, 200.6 Kt)
Exploration permits (zip, 20.7 Mt)
Claim (zip, 53.7 Kt)
Päivitetty May 21, 2024