About tukes.fi website

Tukes.fi is the website of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

The website is a key communications channel for Tukes, and its aim is to provide the customers with guidance and instructions on matters related to the Agency's fields of operation. The website contains, for example, instructions and forms, as well as links to Tukes's registers.

The main target groups include professionals working in Tukes's fields of operation, representatives of enterprises and public administration, students and teachers, and private individuals, i.e. consumers.

The website is available in Finnish and Swedish, and partly in English.

It is possible that this site does not provide a direct answer to your particular situation. Always consult the legislation as well. The decisions authorities make are always based on the relevant legislation, not on the contents of this website.

We aim to keep the contents of tukes.fi accurate and up-to-date. However, we are happy to hear from you if you detect any mistakes or inaccuracies on our site, or have some suggestions for improvement. Feel free to send us a message with the client response form provided.

Processing of personal data

Tukes does not collect data that enables the identification of an individual visitor.

Regarding the use of our website, the following general statistical data is collected and used for developing our website:

  • pages visited
  • date of the visit
  • the web browser and operating system used.

The data is not used for identifying individual users.

We store only contact details and similar data that the user has provided himself so that we can reply to the user's contact requests, questions or other feedback. The data provided by the user will not be combined with the data collected concerning the use of the website.

Please note that if a link refers to a website other than Tukes's website, Tukes is not responsible for what type of data the linked site collects. For example, videos are stored on YouTube that collects user data.


This website contains, for example, publications that are in PDF format. You will need, for example, the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Copyright, images and the related access rights

Copyright of the texts and images published on the website belong to Tukes or other data producer specified in connection with the material.

The material on the website can be used and linked to in contexts that are compatible with fair practice, provided that the source is indicated. Any commercial use of the material must always be agreed separately with Tukes.


We aim to keep the contents of tukes.fi accurate and up-to-date. The Agency is, however, not liable for any costs or damages caused by potential inaccuracies in the information provided on the website. Moreover, the Agency is not liable for any harm caused by technical problems or content that is linked to the website and implemented by a third party.

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