Other changes concerning an authorisation

Extension of approval period for the duration of the procedure

If it appears that the approval is likely to expire before the competent authorities have completed the evaluation process of the product or its active substance, Tukes may postpone the expiry of the approval period. The approval may be extended for a period necessary to complete the examination and adopt a decision on the renewal. Tukes asks the authorisation holder for a permission to postpone the expiry of the approval period and informs the applicant of the new expiration date by email.

Tukes does not carry a fee for postponing the expiry of the approval period.

Identical product

An authorisation holder may apply for an authorisation for already approved plant protection product under another trade name – an identical product – if the preparation is identical in composition to a plant protection product already authorised for use. The identical product is given its own registration number. Use this form to apply and submit it to the address ppp (at) tukes.fi.

Amendments of an authorisation

If the application concerns amendments to the classification or labelling, submit it using this application form.

Use this form to submit applications concerning amendments in such matters as composition, authorisation holder or withdrawal from the register.

When a product is withdrawn from the register, Tukes may grant a grace period for the disposal, storage, placing on the market and use of existing stocks.

Processing time: one year