Know your role

A responsible person must be appointed for cosmetic products placed on the Finnish market.

A responsible person is a person or company located within the EU/EEA area and may be

  • the manufacturer;
  • the importer who imports the cosmetic product into the EU/EEA;
  • a company/person located in the EU/EEA and appointed by the manufacturer or importer, with whom a written agreement on the role of the responsible person has been concluded;
  • the distributor is the responsible person if it
    • places a cosmetic product on the EU/EEA market under its name or trademark; or
    • modifies a product already placed on the market.

The translation of information relating to a cosmetic product already placed on the market is not considered as a modification of that product and does not make the distributor the responsible person.

A distributor is a company that sells or otherwise distributed cosmetic products to consumers, professionals or retailers within the EU/EEA.