Submitting information on chemicals

Companies shall use a Chemical Notification to submit the data of the chemical to the relevant authority. The notification shall be made using the online system KemiDigi. The data submitted shall be based on the safety data sheet of the chemical.

The Chemical Notification shall be made by a company operating in Finland, which manufactures the chemical for the domestic market or imports the chemical to Finland. The notification shall also be made on chemicals manufactured or imported for the company’s own use.

The information submitted in the Chemical Notifications is used by the national Poison Information Centre and a variety of authorities in Finland. There is also a publically-accessible version of KemiDigi showing basic information about chemicals.

More information and instructions for KemiDigi.

What kinds of chemicals need to be declared?

Businesses have a duty to provide information on

  • any chemicals that are classified as hazardous to health or the environment or as causing a physical hazard
  • unclassified chemicals if they contain one or more substances that pose a risk to health or the environment or a substance which has an indicative occupational exposure limit value set by the EU (91/322/EEC, 98/24/EC, 2000/39/EC, 2006/15/EC, 2009/161/EU, 2017/164/EU, 2019/1831/EU)
  • any chemicals intended for industrial or professional use or for use by the general public

No notification is required for

  • non-hazardous chemicals, physical objects or cosmetics
  • chemicals that are supplied in such small quantities that they do not pose a risk
  • chemicals that are used on an experimental basis in scientific research or product development

What information needs to be disclosed in chemical notifications?

Chemical notifications are based on sections 1, 2, 3, 9 (physical form and pH) and 14 (UN number) of chemical safety data sheets. The safety data sheets themselves are also uploaded to the KemiDigi system.

In addition to the safety data sheet information, the intended use of the mixture (EuPCS code) must also be disclosed.

The KemiDigi system can be used to draw up chemical safety data sheets that can then be saved as chemical notifications. In these cases, all the information required for safety data sheets must be provided as well as the disclosures needed for chemical notifications.

When shall the chemical notification be updated?

Businesses must submit an updated chemical notification whenever the information pertaining to the chemical changes to a material degree. Material changes include, among others,

  • change of the chemical’s trade name
  • changes in the business’s details, such as its name
  • change in the chemical’s composition
  • new information or changes relating to the chemical’s hazardous properties

Businesses that discontinue selling a chemical also need to cancel their chemical notification in the KemiDigi system.

Quantitative information

Quantitative information is collected annually on all the chemicals included in the KemiDigi system at the end of February. Businesses need to report the volume of chemicals they have manufactured or imported in tonnes as accurately as possible.

The information is used for estimating the amount of chemical substances on the Finnish market in order to establish, for example, how many tonnes of 2-propanol there were or in how many preparations it was found in 2009.

The quantitative information held in the system cannot be used to draw conclusions on the products of individual businesses.

Quantitative information about substances is also available from the SPIN (Substances in Preparations in Nordic Countries) database.


The fees charged for processing chemical notifications are based on the number of notifications submitted by each business. The annual fee is

  • €26/notification/year for the first 200 notifications
  • €13/notification/year for any notifications after the 200th notification

Tukes charges the annual processing fees in two instalments. Tukes only charges businesses for chemical notifications that are required by law.



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