Submitting information on chemicals

A chemical notification is a notification used by enterprises for submission of chemicals data to authorities. In most cases, the chemical notification can be submitted using the safety data sheet.

The chemical notification is submitted by an enterprise that manufactures the chemical in Finland for the Finnish market or a Finnish enterprise that imports the chemical to Finland. The notifyer may be e.g. the manufacturer or importer of the chemical.

There is a sample form available on our website that can be used for both providing the notification and producing the safety data sheet.

The chemical notification shall be provided in Finnish or Swedish. Due to the introduction of KemiDigi, the current e-mail submission of chemical notifications to the Finnish Chemical Product Register has ended on 30 November 2018. After then, notifications can be submitted to KemiDigi in February 2019. More information

The chemical notifications are stored in the Chemical Products Register used by the Finnish Poison Information Centre and various authorities. There is also a public version of the register which provides access to basic data about each chemical.

Which chemicals shall be reported?

An enterprise must submit a chemical notification on

  • chemicals that are classified as hazardous to health or the environment, or as causing a physical hazard.
  • unclassified chemicals if they contain one or more substances that pose a risk to health or the environment or a substance which has an indicative occupational exposure limit value set by the EU (91/322/EEC, 98/24/EC, 2000/39/EC, 2006/15/EC, 2009/161/EU).
  • chemicals intended for industrial or professional use or for use by the general public

A chemical notification is not needed on

  • chemicals that do not pose a risk, objects or cosmetics
  • supplied in such small quantities that they do not pose a risk
  • chemicals used on an experimental basis in scientific research or product development.

What information shall a chemical notification provide?

A chemical notification shall include the following data that are also stated in the safety data sheet:

  • trade name, purpose of use and identification of the enterprise operating in Finland
  • classification and labelling
  • composition and information on ingredients
  • first-aid measures
  • fire-fighting and accidental release measures
  • handling and storage instructions
  • exposure controls, HTP values and personal protective equipment
  • physical and chemical properties
  • health and environmental hazards
  • disposal considerations
  • transport information

In addition to the data in the safety data sheet, the chemical notification shall provide:

  • the chemical's classification of industries code (link to PDF), Please, use digit code for precise classification
  • the chemical's purpose of use category code (link to PDF)
  • hazardous ingredients by CAS or EC numbers.

When shall the chemical notification be updated?

The enterprise shall submit a new chemical notification whenever essential changes take place in the information of the chemical. Essential changes include:

  • change of the chemical's trade name
  • changes in the enterprise details, such as change of the undertaking's name
  • change in the chemical's composition
  • new or changed information on the chemical's hazardous properties

Tukes shall also be informed in writing if the enterprise no longer sells the chemical by e-mail to the address

Quantity information

The enterprise shall submit quantity information on any chemicals currently included in the Chemical Products Register for each calendar year by the end of the following February. The enterprise provides the annual amounts of chemicals manufactured and imported in tonnes as precisely as possible.

The quantity information is used for estimating the amount of chemical substances on the Finnish market to establish, for example, how many tonnes of 2-propanol there were or how many products contained it in 2009.

The quantity information in the Chemical Products Register cannot be used to draw conclusions about the products of an individual enterprise.

Quantity information on substances is also available in the SPIN database (Substances in Preparations in Nordic Countries).

The collection of quantity information from chemical notifications for 2018 will not, on this occasion, be carried out at the beginning of March, but through KemiDigi at a time to be announced later.


There is an annual fee for the processing of chemical information which is based on the number of notifications submitted by the enterprise as follows.

  • €26/notification/year for 1 to 200 notifications
  • €13/notification/year for each notification above 200.

Tukes will charge the fee in two instalments over the year. Tukes will charge for the chemical notifications that are required by law.



Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Decree on submission of information on chemicals (553/2008)
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Ministry of Employment and the Economy Decree on services provided by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency subject to a fee (1579/2015)