Household and garden pests

You may sometimes find uninvited guests in your home or holiday home. Mouse droppings in corners, mosquitoes disturbing your sleep or ants marching into your kitchen. The best way to start pest control is to prevent their entry into the house and put all food in tightly sealed containers out of the reach of animals. Trapping is the first option for mouse control. If these measures do not help, insecticides or rodenticides intended for pest control may be used as a last resort.

In the garden, remove weeds and deteriorated parts of plants and use ground cover materials to prevent weeds and pests from spreading. However, sometimes it may be necessary to use plant protection products.

Remember the following if you are going to use insecticides or rodenticides at home, or plant protection products in your home garden:

  • make sure that the product in question is intended for consumer use
  • make sure that the product in question is authorised by Tukes
  • read the instructions carefully
  • follow the instructions.