Natural gas and biogas

Legislative requirements related to natural gas and processed biogas include a construction licence issued by Tukes, inspections by an inspection body and use of professional operators approved by Tukes.

The Finnish natural gas network consists of transmission, distribution and installation pipework as well as natural gas filling stations. Natural gas is also stored at several sites.

The same requirements that regulate the use of natural gas also apply to transmission, use and filling station operations of processed biogas.

Natural gas and processed biogas are flammable gases and they involve risk factors such as leaks, ignitions, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The transmission, distribution and use of natural gas and biogas have been regulated throughout the history of natural gas usage in Finland The operational safety of natural gas has remained high, and damage and accidents have been kept at a low level.

Legislation pertaining to natural gas

The Act on the Safe Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals and Explosives 390/2005 (in Finnish) acts as the frame for legislation related to technical use and safety of natural gas.

The Natural Gas Decree 551/2009 (in Finnish) has been adopted under the above act. The Natural Gas Decree lays down all the basic requirements for construction, installation, inspection, use and operational supervision as well as measures to be taken in the event of damage or accident.

How to meet requirements

Apply for a construction licence from Tukes
You will need a licence for natural gas pipeline or gas filling station construction and for storing natural gas.

Natural gas pipeline
Ensure that the pipeline meets all requirements.

Natural gas and biogas filling station
Site the station correctly and ensure compliance with requirements and safe implementation.

Natural gas storage
Submit a notification to Tukes and if the amount of stored gas is 5 tons or more apply for a construction licence from Tukes.

Supervision of natural gas use
Appoint an operations supervisor and any deputies before the introduction into use. Notify Tukes of the appointments.

Installation, inspection and operating permits
Installation is carried out by professional operators authorised by Tukes, inspections are usually performed by an inspection body and operating permits are granted by Tukes or an inspection body.