Notification on dangerous or non-compliant products

The party that has manufactured, imported, sold, forwarded or otherwise distributed a product that poses risks is obliged to submit a notification on the product that poses the risk and cooperate with Tukes. The notification on a dangerous product is primarily submitted by the manufacturer located in the EU area, or if the manufacturer is not located in the EU area, a representative of the manufacturer or the importer. The party submitting the notification must also carry out a risk evaluation on the product. The Risk Assessment Guidelines (RAG) of the European Commission can be used for this purpose, for example.

How to submit the notification:

  • Fill in the form
  • Send the form to Tukes at the address kirjaamo (at)

It is essential to submit the notification immediately after someone in the company has discovered the danger. The notification must be submitted even if not all of the information is available. The information can be supplemented later.
The notification must be submitted if the product poses risks, such as:

  • Damage to health, including damage that is not found immediately
  • Accident, such as a fire or an accident requiring hospitalisation
  • Dangerous situation, including situations with impacts that are not immediately evident
  • Serious close calls that could have resulted in an accident

Even a minor risk factor in the product may require a notification in the following situations:

  • The product is widely distributed or a large number of products have been sold.
  • The danger is not obvious, meaning that it is difficult for consumers to detect it.
  • The product is intended for children, young people or the elderly.

The media is often interested in finding out if the company has acted in accordance with the law and notified the supervisory authority. In addition to breaking the law, failing to submit the notification may bring its own punishment in the form of a bad public image.
The company must provide the supervisory authority with the information necessary for supervision within the deadline set by the authority. A person may be sentenced to a fine or to imprisonment for at most six months for providing false documents to a public authority (Criminal Code 39/1889, chapter 16, section 8).
The company is responsible for product safety. Submitting a notification does not remove the company’s liability.
If the product has been sold in other EU or EEA states, the Business Gateway can also be used to submit a notification on the product that poses risks.