Plant protection training and certification

The purpose of the plant protection certification is to ensure the safe and professional use of plant protection products in Finland. In Finland, plant protection training and certification is organised by approximately 220 training providers authorised by Tukes.

Plant protection certification

You need plant protection certification if you

  • use plant protection products in your profession
  • buy plant protection products approved for professional use
  • sell plant protection products approved for professional use. Stores selling plant protection products must have at least one salesperson with plant protection certification.

Tukes recommends that you acquire plant protection certification if you

  • make spraying decisions or
  • act as a plant protection adviser.

A person with a plant protection certification may use rodenticides restricted to professional use only in their own agricultural practice, for example use in private homes or cottages is not allowed. Plant protection certification does not authorize residents of housing associations or employees of maintenance companies to use rodenticides limited to professional use on housing association property.

How can you acquire plant protection certification?

Plant protection certification is arranged by training providers authorised by Tukes. You can acquire the plant protection certification by passing an examination. Examinations are arranged by certification providers authorised by Tukes in different parts of Finland (pdf). The certification is granted against a fee. Examinations can also be completed online. Participation in online examinations requires strong authentication.

Preparing for the certification examination

For taking the examination, you can study independently using online material (available in Finnish and in Swedish) or you can attend a plant protection training event. Participation in training is voluntary. The training sessions and certification examinations are often arranged in conjunction with each other, so that you can first undergo training and then take the exam during the same day.

What is the content of the plant protection certification?

The plant protection certification includes the following themes:

  • legislation related to plant protection
  • identification and management of risks
  • safe handling of plant protection products
  • integrated pest management
  • safe use of application equipment
  • recording the use of plant protection products
  • risks associated with illegal and counterfeit plant protection products
  • biocides in agriculture.

Plant protection certification is valid for five years

The plant protection certification is personal and remains valid for a period of five years. The certification is granted by the certification provider to a person who passes the examination. The certification can be a paper certificate, a plastic card or a PDF file.

If your certificate is misplaced, ask for a replacement from your certification provider.

Select the correct certification

Plant protection certification can be acquired

  • for any use: Plant protection certification
    Once you have acquired the extensive plant protection certification, you may buy and use all plant protection products approved for use in Finland.
  • for forestry use only: Plant protection certification in forestry
    Once you have acquired the plant protection certification in forestry, you may only buy and use specific plant protection products used in forestry. Such products include products approved for annosum root rot control, glyphosate products approved for use in forestry and elk repellents.

Customised plant protection training

Training preparing for plant protection certification may be customised for a specific group of users. Select the training that will benefit you the most.

There are customised training events for such activities as:

  • agriculture
  • horticulture
  • greenhouse horticulture
  • golf greenkeeping
  • urban green area management.

The areas of specialisation of each training provider are marked on the list of training providers.

Plant protection training and certification providers

Tukes authorises training and certification providers upon application.