Termination of responsibility mark registration

You can terminate the registration of a responsibility mark with the form for confirming or terminating responsibility mark registration. After termination, the responsibility mark must not be used to mark articles of precious metals.

What to do:

1. Print and fill in the form and remember to sign it. The signatory must be a person or persons authorised to sign official documents on behalf of the company.

2. Send the form by mail to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) / Opastinsilta 12 B, 00521 HKI.

Tukes processes the application, makes a decision and sends the decision to you. The decision is free of charge. The registration of a responsibility mark is always valid for three years. If you terminate the registration during the three-year period, you will not be refunded any costs from the registration.

The history data of the responsibility mark will remain visible in the public responsibility mark register. Responsibility mark data shows the year of first registration and the year the registration has terminated (e.g. 1990 - 2017). The marking tools do not have to be returned to Tukes, but please make sure that they are appropriately disposed of or kept so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

A responsibility mark will not be re-issued for 10 years after its termination.  This means that, apart from the company that owned the responsibility mark, no other company may apply for the responsibility mark in the next 10 years. If you want to take the responsibility mark back into use you must submit a new responsibility mark application to Tukes. A terminated responsibility mark with a symbol may not be re-applied for. Marks with lower case letters or periods, for example, are considered to be responsibility marks with symbols. 


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