Operating principles of Tukes

This page describes the operating principles of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) and related procedures.

We promote the safety and reliability of goods, services and industrial operations

  • We use a coaching approach with an emphasis on collaboration.
  • We provide advice, guidance and good practices.
  • Our communication is open, versatile and active.
  • We assertively address any defects.

We follow the principles of good  administration

We act in a consistent and predictable manner.
We treat all of our customers in the same way in the same situation.
Our actions are based on the subject matter instead of personal characteristics.
Our actions are appropriate and justifiable.
Our actions are commensurate to the severity of the matter.

Tukes’ operations are as effective as possible

  • According to our risk-based approach, we focus our actions in areas in which we can be the most effective using the most effective means. We do not attempt to influence all areas in the same way or using the same means.
  • We anticipate changes in our operating area and society at large, and proactively respond and prepare for them.
  • We coordinate our actions to avoid overlap.

Our operations are transparent and reliable

  • We actively communicate information about our supervisory observations and our activities.
  • We monitor and develop our operations and their quality using a variety of means. We collect feedback from customers and stakeholders.
  • Our goals are clarity and a practical approach.

Our operations are based on information and strong expertise

  • Our operations are based on facts.
  • We utilise varied information and approach all of our sources with healthy criticism.
  • We diligently document everything.
  • We promote the expertise of our experts.