Old Regulations

Regulations that pertain to the technical structure of old electrical installations may be needed when assessing the regulatory compliance of old electrical installations during statutory periodic inspection, for example.

The most important old regulations were published in publication series A by the Electrical Inspectorate. On this page, you can find some installation requirements published in publication series A:

Distribution board structure and inspection regulations were put forward in publication series E by the Electrical Inspectorate. The following publication used to apply to distribution boards:

Retrospective regulations

Apart from a few exceptions, requirements on the technical structure of electrical installations are not retrospective. Existing old electrical installations usually do not have to be modified to meet new requirements.

In some cases, regulations have been put into force over the decades, based on which existing electrical installations have been required to be changed. The general idea of an acceptable level of safety has gotten higher over the years. Retrospective regulations aim at removing the most significant differences in safety between new and old electrical installations. Retrospective regulations are usually related to basic protection and protection against faults, such as touch and touch voltage protection, and safe implementation of operations and electrical work. 

Tukes has conducted a study on retrospective regulations.