Requirements for disposable barbecues

Important factors concerning the safety of disposable barbecues include:

  • materials used;
  • stability in use;
  • finishing of edges;
  • depth of the fuel container;
  • appropriate instructions for assembly and use;
  • warning labels.

The manufacturers, commissioners, importers, distributors and sellers of disposable barbecues are responsible for their safety.

Because disposable barbecues are general consumer goods, they are not CE marked, and no permission from an authority is required to sell them.

Safety requirements for disposable barbecues

Disposable barbecues must fulfil the requirements of the Consumer Safety Act: they must not pose a danger to the health or property of consumers. Requirements related to the safety of disposable barbecues are covered in standard SFS-EN 1860-4 Appliances, solid fuels and firelighters for barbecueing.  Part 4: Single use barbecues burning solid fuels. Requirements and test methods. The standard includes detailed safety requirements regarding materials, construction, design and testing methods, for example.

Barbecues come in contact with food. Thus, they must also meet the requirements for food contact materials.

Markings and user instructions

Disposable barbecues must include:

  • assembly, use and ignition instructions required for safe use; and
  • warnings in Finnish and in Swedish.

The instructions can include illustrative images to improve clarity, and instead of text, information can be provided with commonly known instruction or warning symbols.

Standard SFS-EN 1860-4 provides detailed requirements on the labelling and instructions of disposable barbecues. Important warnings to be attached to disposable barbecues include:

  • Do not use the barbecue indoors, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning hazard.
  • Only use the disposable barbecue on a non-combustible surface. The bottom of the barbecue gets very hot and therefore poses a fire hazard.
  • Always use the stand included with the barbecue. The stand must be installed in accordance with the instructions provided. The bottom of the barbecue must be several centimetres above the surface.
  • The disposable barbecue gets very hot. Do not move the barbecue when in use.
  • Supervise the barbecue until it has cooled down completely to prevent children and pets from touching the hot barbecue.
  • Make sure that the barbecue is fully extinguished by pouring plenty of water onto the barbecue so that the charcoal is completely covered.
  • Put the disposable barbecue in the rubbish bin only after making sure that the contents of the barbecue have cooled down completely. Cooling can take several hours.

Restrictions on the use of disposable barbecues

The use of disposable barbecues has been restricted by the Rescue Act, which entered into force on 1 July 2011. In the Act, disposable barbecues are classified as open fire, and they may not be used on municipal or someone else's land without the landowner's permission.