Applying for authorisation as a provider of qualification tests in the field of refrigeration

Tukes authorises organisations that have adequate expertise to provide qualification tests in the fields of vehicle air-conditioning equipment, fire extinguishing equipment and high-voltage switchgear. Organisations that Tukes considers to have adequate expertise include, for example, educational institutions, personnel certification companies and importers of a relevant device or equipment.

The requirement to complete the qualification test concerns the fitters in particular. Fitter is a person who carries out installation, servicing and maintenance or leakage checking activities on devices or equipment containing F gases, or who recovers F gases. The contents of the qualification test are explained by category in Annexes 4 to 6 of Decree 766/2016.

When applying for authorisation as a provider of qualification tests, attach the following material to the application:

  • the contents of qualification education/training: for example, training programme; see also the relevant categories in Annexes 4 to 6 of Decree 766/2016
  • the contents of the qualification test: questions and tasks, i.e. a theoretical test and a practical test, and assessment criteria and pass marks
  • potential recommendations concerning work experience or basic training as conditions for participating in the qualification education/training
  • reports on the competence of the teacher/trainer: education and work experience
  • reports on the equipment and tools to be used in the practical tests
  • model of the qualification test certificate
  • model of the notification on a failed test
  • report on the possibility to retake a failed test or the handling of any appeals.

Tukes makes the decision on authorising the applicant to provide qualification tests on the basis of the application. Tukes maintains a list of authorised providers of qualification tests.