Storage and disposal

When stored correctly, plant protection products maintain their efficiency for as long as possible, and, when used according to instructions, they are safe to use for both the users and the environment. Tukes supervises the storage of plant protection products together with the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

You can make the use of your storeroom for plant protection products safer and more comfortable by taking care of the following:

  • Mark the storeroom for plant protection products with a warning sign. The storeroom can be a room, a shed or a cabinet.
  • Plant protection products will maintain their efficiency, when you store them in a dry, cool and well ventilated space, protected from direct sunlight and below zero temperatures.
  • Check that the lighting in the storeroom is in order.
  • Do not store personal protective equipment, such as gloves, overalls and masks, in the storeroom for plant protection products.
  • Keep the most hazardous and liquid plant protection products on lower shelves and powdery ones on upper shelves.
  • Check the condition of plant protection product containers on a regular basis. Solvents used in the plant protection products may embrittle the containers or the container may break if the plant protection products get wet or if they freeze.
  • Place a waste container for empty plant protection product packages to be disposed of in the storeroom for such products.
  • Assign a person responsible for the storeroom to take care of the safety and order of the storeroom.

Ensure that your storage space for plant protection products meets the following requirements

Place the storeroom for plant protection products to a separate area from foodstuffs, feed and social facilities.

Keep plant protection products in their original containers.

  • The labels with instructions for use can be found on the original containers.
  • Any waste taken to collection points for hazardous waste is identified based on the information on the original container.
  • Keep also the safety data sheets provided by the manufacturer readily available if you use hired staff on your farm.


Keep all plant protection products classified as hazardous in a storeroom with a lock.

  • The label on plant protection products classified as hazardous says: “Store in a locked space”.
  • The locked space can be a small part of the storeroom reserved for plant protection products, such as a separate cabinet.



Ensure that plant protection products cannot spread into the environment even in case of an accident.

  • Block a potential floor drain.
  • Ensure that the threshold of the space or protective pool prevent spilling of products from the storage space.



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