Obligations of a company when a product poses risks

If a product does not fulfil the legal requirements and poses a risk to health, safety or the environment, the company must:

  • Stop selling the product immediately and, if necessary, remove the product from the market, i.e. all stages of the distribution chain.
  • Notify Tukes immediately about the product that poses risks and the measures taken concerning the product. The company can submit the notification with the form available on the Tukes website. Email the form to the address kirjaamo (at) tukes.fi.
  • Submit a notification on the product posing a risk and on the relevant measures taken to competent authorities in EU or EEA countries in which the product has been sold. The notification can be submitted via the Business Gateway system, for example.
  • If the products pose a serious risk, they must be recalled from consumers and other end users. The recall must be communicated to distributors and to consumers and other end users who have already purchased products.

A serious risk requires both quick action and follow-up, including in cases, in which the effects do not appear immediately. A product recall may apply to products intended for both consumer and professional use.