National product regulations

Member States’ national regulations and requirements provided in special legislation may cover, for example:

  • features of products, such as quality, performance, safety, and dimensions;
  • commercial names, terminology and symbols, testing and testing methods, packaging and labelling;
  • requirements laid down to protect consumers or the environment that affect the life cycle of the product after it is placed on the market (such as using, recycling, reusing and disposing the product) if the requirements might significantly affect the composition, nature or sale of the product.

The table below provides a compilation of product-related requirements. Legislation is updated and amended frequently, and thus the table might not include all the most recent changes. It is the responsibility of the economic operators to ensure that they comply with all relevant legislation.
The table includes compiled information on product-related requirements specified in 

  • national rules and regulations; and
  • national implementation of EU regulations; and
  • contact details of the competent authorities.

One product may fall under the scope of more than one regulation and under the supervision of various authorities.

Table of product-related requirements applied in Finland (pdf, 645 kb)

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