Applying for an authorisation for a new product

Importing of any plant protection products from EU Member States to Finland requires authorisation from Tukes. If you import the product for your personal use, you need a parallel trade permit.

You can apply for authorisation for a new product if

Types of authorisation:

Zonal assessment

For the purpose of assessing plant protection products the EU Member States are divided into three zones: North, Central and South. Finland belongs to the Northern Zone together with Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic Countries.

The zonal assessment of products means that one EU Member State in each zone draws up the risk assessment for the whole zone. Application for use in greenhouses, as post-harvest treatment and for seed treatment, and for treatment of empty storage rooms intended for foodstuffs constitute an exception to this rule. These uses are evaluated by only one Member State taking account of all the three zones within the EU.

The company draws up a draft Registration Report (dRR). If Finland is responsible for assessment of the plant protection product, Tukes inspects and amends the dRR that other Member States may comment.

The Registration Report includes the various subareas of risk assessment:

  • physical and chemical properties, analysis methods
  • health effects and exposure
  • environmental behaviour
  • impacts on organisms
  • consumer protection, residues
  • biological efficiency and usability (Natural Resources Institute Finland, Luke).

Tukes upload the completed Registration Report (RR) to the EU Commission information system.

Based on the risk assessment, Tukes grants authorisation for the plant protection product if the requirements for authorisation are met. Tukes may set conditions on the use of the product to ensure that its use is safe for humans, animals, plants and the environment in general.

Applying for an authorisation for a new product

Type of authorisation
Check which of the following authorisations you need: authorisation based on the zonal assessment, mutual recognition, parallel trade permit.

Requirements and guidelines for authorisation
Get acquainted with the requirements and guidelines for authorisation.

Fill in the application with appendices
Fill in the application in accordance with the type of authorisation you need and submit the requested material to Tukes.

Tukes examines the application. The processing time depends on the type of authorisation you are applying for.

Granting the authorisation
Tukes grants the authorisation if the requirements set for the application are met.