How to apply for a responsibility mark and a locality mark from Tukes

You can apply for a responsibility mark used in articles of precious metals from Tukes. The application for a locality mark is always submitted by the municipality. You can make a proposal on the issue to the municipality. You must reconfirm the registration of your responsibility mark with Tukes every three years. You can find the instructions on how apply for responsibility and locality marks in the links on the left.

Responsibility mark register

Tukes maintains an official register of responsibility and locality marks. The responsibility mark shows the manufacturer, importer or seller of an article of precious metals. You can use the register to find the party responsible for products with the responsibility mark or marks used by a specific company or smith.

Today, only capital letters are approved for the responsibility mark. The responsibility mark register also includes combinations of characters and letters of different sizes as well as symbols registered before 2001. Their registration is valid, if it has been confirmed every three years.

You can search for information throughout the country in the responsibility mark register, or you can limit the search to a specific locality. The responsibility mark register only includes responsibility marks registered in Finland. Marks that are over 50 years old or older can be found in the service

You can search for locality marks in the same register by selecting the desired search terms in the fields.