Accident reporting in case of on accident during transport of dangerous goods


When an accident happens during transport of dangerous goods, the loader, filler, carrier or consignee, respectively, must report it to Tukes.

Submit a report to Tukes on the following within one month:
•    leakage of dangerous substance
•    imminent danger of leakage of hazardous substance
•    personal, environmental or property damage
•    an incident that has required calling for official assistance

In case of class 7 goods, the report has to submitted not only to Tukes but also to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).
Any accidents during rail transport need to be reported to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom).

Submit an accident report, when the incident has caused personal, environmental or property damage that exceeds the criteria laid down in regulations Section of Traficom regulations. The report must be submitted if even one of the criteria listed in the table below is met.

Criteria for liability to report an accident


      International accident report

in case of an accident during

carriage of dangerous goods  

  Appendix B   


Tukes form

for accident reporting

Appendix A

   Amount of leaked substance X X
Transport class 0 or 1 ≥ 50 kg or 50 l X X
Transport class 2 ≥ 333 kg or 333 l X X
Transport class 3 or 4 ≥ 1000 kg or 1 000 l X X
Class 6.2 substances > 0 kg or 0 l   X
No leakage, but there has been an imminent danger of leakage of the amount of substance specified above




Class 7
Leakage, exposure or weakening of safety caused by Class 7 substance referred to in section 1.8.5 of Appendix A to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency regulations


Note. The report is shall also be submitted to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)


Serious personal damage
The dangerous substance has directly caused a need for intensive care in hospital, hospital stay of at least one day or incapacity for work of at least three days.

Material or environmental damage


> 50000 €

Serious incident (not meeting the criteria listed above) no reporting liability X*

*Even if the criteria for liability to report an accident during transport of dangerous goods specified in the regulations were not met, Tukes still requests that serious incidents be reported using the Tukes form for reporting accidents during transport of dangerous goods , Appendix A.

With a view to the development of safety work it is important that forms are completed carefully. You can also submit additional information, inspection certificates, images or graphic presentations related to the accident as attachments to the form. Tukes writes a description of the events of an accident during transport of dangerous goods, and companies can use the data when developing their own operations. The descriptions are published in the Tukes damage and accident register VARO (in Finnish).