Plant protection products

Plant protection products are preparations used for protecting plants or plant products against harmful organisms in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. In Finland, only products authorised by Tukes can be sold or used. Tukes decides on the terms and conditions of use of products and maintains a register of authorised plant protection products.

Kasvintuhoojia ja kasveja, kuva: Luke.

Plant protection products refer to products intended for one of the following uses:

  • protecting plants or plant products against harmful organisms (insecticides and fungicides)
  • destroying harmful plants or parts of plants or preventing undesired growth of plants (herbicides)
  • influencing the life processes of plants, such as substances influencing their growth, other than as a nutrient
  • preserving plant products, in so far as such substances or products are not subject to special Community provisions on food preservatives.

Safe use of plant protection products

Always use plant protection products in a safe manner, in accordance with the label instructions. Safe use of plant protection products prevents damage caused by plant protection products to health and the environment. The instructions are based on extensive assessments made on health and environmental risks.

Plant protection products need an authorisation

Plant protection products must be authorised in every EU Member State where they are intended to be used. In Finland, the national authorisations are granted by Tukes. The requirement for granting an authorisation is that the use of the product is safe to health and the environment. The active substance used in the product must be authorised in the EU. Active substances used in plant protection products are jointly assessed and approved within the EU.


Please, see current fees for the authorisations.

Checklist for those applying for an authorisation

  • You can apply for an authorisation for a product if the active substance used in it has been authorised within the EU.
    • Risk assessment and approval of active substances
  • Check the type of authorisation you should apply for.
    • Authorisation based on zonal assessment: if the product has not yet been approved in the Northern Zone, in the Nordic or Baltic Countries.
    • Mutual recognition: based on a decision taken by another Member State for the same product and the same use
    • Comparative assessment: if the product contains a candidate for substitution.
    • Authorisation for parallel products: if you want to import a product from another EU Member State to place it on the market or for personal use. The requirement for this is that another product with similar composition has been authorised for use in Finland.
    • Renewal of an authorisation
    • Extension of use and extension of product authorisation for minor use
    • Other changes concerning the authorisation
    • Derogations in emergency situations in plant protection - if no product has been authorised for averting the pest in Finland.
    • Trial permit if Tukes has not yet authorised the product, but the applicant wants to study the feasibility of the product for use under Finnish farming conditions
    • Official recognition of facilities testing the biological efficacy and usability of plant protection products (GEP=Good Experimental Practice)
    • Submit the application with relevant material to Tukes at the address ppp (at)

The Finnish Plant Protection Products Decree and the Finnish Plant Protection Products Act

Approval of plant protection products is regulated by the EU Regulation on the placing of plant protection products on the market (Regulation on Plant Protection Products). The purpose of the Finnish Plant Protection Products Act is to ensure appropriate and sustainable use of plant protection products. The law nationally implements the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a framework for Community action to achieve a sustainable use of pesticides.

If you use plant protection products in your professional activities

Use only plant protection products authorised by Tukes.
Plant Protection Product Register page on

Follow the instructions for use.

Acquire plant protection certification.

Inspect your plant protection application equipment.
Check which application equipment needs to be inspected.

Use plant protection products carefully.
Reduce health and environmental risks caused by the use of plant protection products.