Map files

Tukes maintains a geographic information system for mineral and mining registers, which contains basic information and boundaries of the following in the general coordinate system, ETRS-TM35 FIN:

  • current, new and probationary claims and mining concession areas
  • current, new and probationary exploration permits and permit applications
  • current, new and probationary gold panning permits and permit applications
  • current, new and probationary reservation areas and reservation applications
  • current, new and probationary mining permits and permit applications

You can request map files as an RSS/Atom feed or download the files. The map files are mostly designed for professional use. There are a total of six files to search, and the ZIP files contain files in TAB, MIF and SHP formats. Opening the files requires GIS software, such as QGIS, open-source OpenJUMP or commercial MapInfo or ArcView.

Maps also available from the Mining Register Map Service

You can also browse map files in the Mining Register Map Service. The contents are the same in both.

Terms and Copyright©

Tukes cannot be held responsible for any consequences of using the map data. If you find a mistake in the data, please contact Tukes’s registry at [email protected].