Learning from accidents is important in order to avoid similar accidents in the future. Tukes publishes information on accidents occurred in Finland so that companies, employees and consumers could identify and manage the risks associated with their own operations.

Companies can use the information on accidents for the following purposes, among others

  • to assist in risk assessment: What kinds of accidents have occurred?
  • in training: Could this happen to us? How is it prevented?

Information on accidents and incidents occurring in the following branches supervised by Tukes is published in the damage and accident register, VARO register:

  • electricity
  • lifts
  • dangerous chemicals, including natural gas and LPG
  • pressure equipment
  • mining
  • explosives
  • fireworks.

Tukes has also published tips for searching (pdf, 126 kB, in Finnish).

Flow of accident information

An accident or incident happens

Notify Tukes about the accident/incident

Tukes processes the accident
Tukes's accident inspector reviews the causes of the accident and corrective measures. If necessary, Tukes may start a more extensive accident investigation

Tukes publishes the accident information in the VARO register

Learning from the accident