Safe use of plant protection products

The sales packages and labels of plant protection products provide instructions on how to use of the products safely and prevent damage to health and the environment. Ensure safe use of plant protection products and follow the instructions for use on the sales packages and labels. The instructions are based on assessments made on health and environmental risks. You can check the up-to-date instructions on the Plant Protection Product Register.

If you use plant protection products professionally, you must acquire plant protection certification and have your plant protection application equipment regularly inspected. Professional users include farmers, employees working in green areas and golf greenkeepers. Some of the plant protection products can be acquired and they are safe to use even without having acquired plant protection certification. Some of the plant protection products are intended for professional use and others for consumer use as well.

The National Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products is aimed at reducing the risks caused by the use of plant protection products. Professional users of plant protection products must select a control method that is the least harmful to human health and the environment. Alternative control methods include integrated pest management and ecological plant protection.

Get acquainted with the instructions for use of plant protection products on the sales packages and labels

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