The condition of electrical installations must be monitored continuously and possible defects must be removed.

Like the other parts of a building, electrical systems do not remain safe and in working order by themselves. Electrical installations, wiring accessories, electrical equipment and the components of distribution boards wear down and eventually reach the end of their service life.  Broken and worn wiring accessories, loose connections or dusty electrical installations may cause a hazard to the building or its users.

The possessor of real property or a building is legally obliged to take care of the sufficient maintenance of electrical installations. The possessor is usually the owner of the property or in some cases the tenant. For example, in a housing company, the owner is represented by the board and its chair. The practical maintenance tasks of large buildings are carried out by an appointed property manager that can be a property management company or an individual person.

The possessor of the property or the building must also take care of the maintenance of electrical installations on properties, to which the obligation on periodic inspections described above does not apply. For installations in electrical installation categories 2 and 3, a maintenance programme must be drawn up in advance.

The statutory periodic inspections complement the maintenance of electrical installations. Read more

The operation manager ensures that the operation of the electrical installations complies with the law, among other things

The operation manager appointed for electrical installations in category 2 or 3 ensures that:ttävä käytön johtaja huolehtii siitä, että:

  • the Electrical Safety Act and the statutes and regulations issued under it are followed in the use and maintenance of the electrical installation; and
  • the condition of electrical installations meets the requirements of the Electrical Safety Act during use; and
  • the persons carrying out operational work have adequate professional skills and are sufficiently instructed in their duties.

If necessary, Tukes may require an account on the issues mentioned above and the qualifications of the operation manager for their duties.