Tukes strategy for 2023–2027

The picture shows the main points of Tukes' strategy 2023–2027. Vision: Data for sfety - more responsible businesses and consumers. Mission: We support Finland to become a safer place to live and work. Values: Working together professionally -  experimenting boldly and reforming innovatively.

Our strategic priorities

We use data to increase our impact. We produce information that helps consumers and businesses identify risks. Our decisions, supervision and other activities are driven by data, and we use data to predict risks. We report the need to update regulations.

We promote responsible operations. We communicate, advise and guide customers to act more responsibly. We take into account the goals of sustainable development and promote responsibility in our own activities.

We are customer-oriented. We respect and treat our customers as equals, and we work closely with our stakeholders. We invest in a good customer experience, operational transparency and clear communication.

We instruct. We act as a coaching authority who promotes the understanding of and compliance with legislation. We act to reinforce our customers’ experience of justice and fairness.

We work together professionally. We promote an open and fair workplace atmosphere where everyone can feel that their work matters. We maintain our professional skills by developing our expertise, operating methods and networks.