Our policy

We promote the safety and reliability of goods, services and industrial production.

Tukes vision 2022

Responsible, safe and competitive Finland – Tukes is a builder of cooperation, pointing the way forward.

Changes in the operating environment

Promoting the competitiveness of enterprises is emphasised.

Bio and circular economies are growing – prioritised as one of the flagship initiatives in Finland.

Digitalisation and robotics in progress.

Growing economy in Finland following several years of downturn.

Continued savings in State finances and structural changes in administration.

Increased EU-level regulation on surveillance of products and services.

Safety thinking in transition (technologies, regulations, authority surveillance, criminal activities).

Our way of working

Working together with expertise – experimenting boldly and reforming innovatively.

Strategic choices

We encourage operators to be responsible.
Our work is allocated with a risk-oriented approach.
We prepare and develop legislation.
We reform cooperation.
We take advantage of digitalisation.
We are building today’s community of experts.

Provider of protection.

Tukes promotes and facilitates safe practices across the society. Legislation and the related surveillance, guidance and communications provide protection, under which companies, operators and citizens are able to act responsibly.