Duties of Supervisors of Electrical Works

The supervisor of electrical work acts as the person-in-charge for a company conducting electrical work. If the work is not carried out in the form of an undertaking, the person doing the electrical work personally serves as supervisor of the electrical works.

The Electrical Safety Act demands a supervisor of electrical work.


Requirements for a supervisor of electrical works

A supervisor of electrical works must have a certificate of qualification issued by SETI Oy. The certificate of qualification gives the right to act as a supervisor of electrical works with the limitations set forth in the certificate. A supervisor of electrical works must be appointed before commencing electrical work. Tukes must be notified of the appointment. The same person may be appointed as the supervisor of the electrical work of no more than three economic operators at the same time.


Duties and responsibilities of supervisors of electrical works

In practice, the duties of an electrical work supervisor involve guiding the work, ensuring the competence of the employees, instructing them, providing tools and managing the external framework of the work.

The supervisor of electrical works is responsible for their part for safety in electrical work and appoints an electrical safety supervisor for the duration of the work for each job site. General requirements related to occupational safety are set forth in the Occupational Safety and Health Act (Occupational Safety and Health Act 738/2002) and other statutes and regulations issued thereof.

The supervisor of electrical works should

  • continuously maintain his/her professional skills
  • be familiar with the safety issues pertaining to the work and current electrical safety requirements
  • manage and supervise electrical work performed at all job sites under his/her supervision.

The supervisor of electrical works is responsible for ensuring that

  • the Electrical Safety Act is complied with when performing electrical work
  • the condition of electrical equipment and installations meets the requirements of the Electrical Safety Act prior to commissioning, or handing over to another party
  • the persons carrying out electrical work have adequate professional skills and are sufficiently instructed in their duties.