Recommendation for protecting vegetation outside the spraying zone

When making the plant protection product risk assessment, Tukes evaluates whether the product will damage vegetation outside of the application area, such as plants growing on the edge of the field. The edges of fields can be host to diverse meadow vegetation.

Plants outside the treated area should be protected from plant protection product spray drift according to the recommendations printed on the product’s sales packaging.

Tukes recommends observing the buffer zone especially:

  • to preserve the biodiversity of field edges and protect butterflies and pollinators that live on the plants;
  • in the vicinity of yards in order to avoid damaging your neighbour’s berry bushes, vegetables or lawn; and
  • to protect adjacent crops, such as potatoes, when spraying wide-leaved weeds in grain fields.

The buffer zone width of weed control products varies according to their toxicity and the amount applied. Using a drift reducing nozzle or sprayer can reduce the buffer zone for protecting plants outside the application area. A list of drift reducing nozzles is provided in the tables on the Water body restrictions page. The nozzles listed in the table reduce spray drift by 50, 75 or 90%.