Verification after maintenance and maintenance seals

If the seals of the measuring instrument have been damaged during maintenance or when the measuring instrument was moved, for example, the measuring instrument must be verified. Such verification must be carried out by an inspection body approved by Tukes.

Verification after maintenance is not necessary, if the maintenance company carrying out the maintenance has the right to affix maintenance seals. In that case, the maintenance company can seal the measuring instrument again after maintenance, which means that the verification of the measuring instrument will remain valid and the time of the next verification will not change. The maintenance seal does not replace scheduled verification; it maintains the validity of the previous verification.

Maintenance sealing companies approved by Tukes and their identifiers:

  • Lahti Precision Oy    HK03   weighing instruments
  • Tamtron Systems Oy    HK05   weighing instruments
  • Oy G.W. Berg & Co Ab    HK06   weighing instruments
  • Tamtron Oy    HK08   weighing instruments
  • Viafin GAS Oy    HK09   gas meters and volume conversion devices