Restrictions on the use of insecticides

The Finnish national sustainable use strategy for PT18 products will be published during 2020. When granting national authorizations for PT18 products the following risk mitigation methods (RMMs) to protect bees and other pollinators are already implemented. These requirements apply to all authorisation decisions and amendments issued from 2018 onwards.

“Dangerous to bees”- marking is required on all PT18 product labels, unless…

  • there is data showing that the LD50 > 11 µg/bee*.

 Outdoor use is restricted to bait box only, when…

  • the product is to be marked as dangerous to bees and it contains a bee attractant e.g. sugar.
  • For professional use only, the above-mentioned formulations can be accepted without a bait box. In which case appropriate RMMs are required to prevent the product from getting wet and to prevent access of bees to the bait.

 “Use near flowering plants or bee hives is forbidden” restriction is required, when…

  • the product is to be marked as dangerous to bees and there is a risk that the product may be transported onto flowering plants or bee hives.


* US EPA: Technical Overview of Ecological Risk Assessment Analysis Phase: Ecological Effects Characterization.

  • acute moderately toxic LD50 2 – 11 µg/bee
  • acute highly toxic LD50 <2 µg/bee