Product contact point

The Product Contact Point (PCP) provides information regarding product requirements in Finland. The requirements for some products have been harmonised either in full or in part by EU legislation, while requirements for other products are purely national, which means harmonised EU requirements do not apply to them.

Information available from the PCP includes:

  • product regulations applicable to the product
  • whether a product is subject to prior authorization
  • the principle of mutual recognition
  • contact details for the competent authorities
  • information with respect to the national transposition and implementation of Union harmonisation legislation applicable to products.

You can contact the PCP advisory service by email at pcp.finland(at)  

The PCP provides free of charge information within 15 working days in response to your query.

The contact details for the PCP in other member states can be found here.

Free movement of goods within the single market

The free movement of goods is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the European Union, ensuring the free movement of goods within the single market. Customs duties and other similar charges with an equivalent effect between Member States are prohibited, as are quantitative restrictions on goods and any other measures having an equivalent effect.

In its case-law, the Court of Justice of the European Union has on several occasions clarified the concept of a measure having equivalent effect, and interpreted it expansively. The measure itself need not be binding; a recommendation may suffice. Meanwhile, a measure having an “equivalent effect” may be any measure or action that directly or indirectly, with an immediate or potential impact, represents a barrier to trade between Member States.

As a rule, any goods lawfully placed on the internal market of the European Union can move freely on the market.

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